Sunday 3 May 2015

Going Home

For those that have followed my blog you will recall at one point during the ups and downs I said that as long as the ups were in favour of Mallorca then everything would be ok.  If the balance shifted then we would need to rethink our situation.

Well the scales have shifted and so have our feelings for this beautiful island.  Don't get me wrong, the island is still beautiful but family and the UK calls to us!

Trying to recall the trigger that created the shift is hard to pinpoint.  Was it the visit of my daughter and the grandchildren, was it her subsequent breakdown of marriage, or was it my Mum thinking that she would never see me again?

Or was it the heat of last summer where we spent almost all the time shut indoors with windows and doors closed and air con on, with swollen fingers and feet?

Or was it the lying in bed unable to sleep and coughing because of the air con?

Perhaps it was the sudden progression of the cataract forming in my eye and the necessity of an operation.

Was it the electric going off when one too many appliances were on?

Was it our lack of being able to learn enough Spanish to sound anything more than like a child?

Or the realisation that one day one of us would end up alone.  Would we want to be alone in a foreign country or would we prefer to be on familiar territory in the same country as our family.

Maybe the truth of the matter is that Mallorca, island of our dreams, is just purely a dream.  The reality is quite different and one that could have ended differently when we were younger and when we had more confidence and less caution.

Still, been there done that.  No wondering what if anymore.

So here we are again then - déjà vu - now we have the worry of trying to find a purchaser for our house in a country where it takes longer to sell, attempting to recoup the money we have lost by this experiment, wondering if we will have enough to ever buy a house in the UK and hoping that I can afford to pay to rent a house while everything else falls into place.

Oh and before all that I've got my eye operation next Thursday in a hospital that I don't know and by surgeons who I probably won't understand!

Oh happy days.  Wish me luck!

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