Monday 4 May 2015

Bank Holiday in UK gives me a day off

Today is a bank holiday in the UK and as I work for a UK employer that means a day off for me too.  Here in Alcudia work continues as normal for everyone else.

So far today I have prepared a calendar solely for the purpose of ticking off all the pre-op and post-opp instructions and medications that I have to do.  I'm sure my mum didn't do that for her op but hey I'm used to creating agendas/schedules of events etc.

Always have been a list maker, it is a way of getting all those thoughts from my brain down on paper and allowing my brain to relax. (some chance, I never switch off).

Holidays were a list makers dream.  There was the route to take care of as we drove here and back.  Then there was the schedules for trains/ferry/road etc.  Add to that the list of items being taken in suitcases and flight bags and then in latter years (when driving) items for on the journey in the car including kettles, stove and food.

When we moved out here my To Do list was enormous with all the reminders for selling our house, relocating and then finding a new home.  Gradually the list got shorter as the items got completed.

Now I'm doing it all over again!!  Am I totally mad?

But first comes my eye op and my calendar of drops before, drops after, dos and don't s!

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