Tuesday 8 February 2011

National Health Service! Stop treating my step-dad as a senile old man

Four days after his major operation and still Stanley has not come back to us!  He survived the operation and is physically quite robust but mentally he is a changed man.

Now I am talking about a man who at the age of 90 took a computer course; I am talking about a man with a great wit and sense of humour;  I am talking about a gentle, kind man.

Whether it is the drugs he is on or something more serious we don't know because the only answer my mum gets from the nursing staff is "well he is 95".  No he is not a senile old 95 year old!  All we want to know is why he is behaving totally out of character.

I managed to get my mum to phone a fellow lodge member who is going to meet her at the hospital tomorrow and see if he can get any further information from the nursing staff and hopefully he will see Stanley and also assess the situation.

Don't judge a book by its cover and accept that family members know when something isn't quite right!


Bigastroandbeyond said...

You know I have heard that story before. The 100 year old mother of one of our friends was mentally astute until she went into hospital. In spite of all the protests, the hospital insisted it was her age.

Maz said...

It is a slow process and my mum is starting to get very tired and run down. It's a lot for an 84 year old to cope with and I'm worried about both of them.