Thursday 30 December 2010

New Year approaches

Well as the New Year approaches I thought it would be a good idea to sweep away the old one.  Mick is back at work while I have the rest of the week off while using up the remainder of my holiday allowance.

So there I was yesterday cleaning and sorting out with a vengence.  Anything that was no longer useful was being cleared away and put out with the rubbish or bagged up to go to the charity shops.

I cannot believe it took the whole day to clear out my lounge!  I must admit that I went through every single cupboard and cleaned everything - but a whole day!

It is surprising what you gather over time but I was ruthless - if I hadn't used it or didn't particularly like it then out it went.

By the end of the day I have to admit that I felt shattered and was aching all over.  All I longed for was a nice soak in a hot bath but no, the boiler has now decided not to give us any hot water.  Not quite the same just having a strip wash with a kettle full of water!

This morning I am up and ready to continue with the onslaught but I think it will be a little less zealous as my back aches and feels stiff - oh the joy of getting older :-)

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