Monday 6 December 2010

Leave the title for now - Complaints

I'm not quite sure how to title this one.

I sometimes think I come from a different planet!

Today the 'girls' from work went out for a pre Christmas lunch.  The menu was a standard Christmas menu with starter, main course and dessert and a glass of mullled wine.  Total cost £21 per head.

You had a choice of starter and dessert and the main course was a turkey dinner with trimmings.

The starter I opted for was the goats cheese on a flaky pastry with rocket - it was lovely.

The main course (of much contention) was turkey, brussels, carrot, parsnip & potato with a splash of gravy.

This is what caused the most complaints.  Where were the roast potatoes?  Where was the stuffing?  Where was the sausage?

They complained so much that someone in charge came to the table and offered free desserts and still they were not satisfied,  They ended up giving us two free bottles of wine as well.

The comments continued with regard to the dessert (oh well the chef didn't make them so there was no problem) etc etc.

I have to admit to cringing rather a lot and having a desire to tell the chef that I was not complaining about his food - after all you go for cordon bleu type food and that's what you get.  It just left me feeling embarrased about being with the group.

Am I wrong and should you complain?  All I know is that I felt that for £21 the three course meal was sufficient,  I am sure that those living in countries without food would have been only too pleased to have eaten what we did.

Should you complain?  I don't know.  All I know is that I felt uncomfortable.

Merry Christmas!

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