Saturday 18 December 2010

Is Christmas on or off?

Well it is the day before the family all come over.  I am in the kitchen cooking goodies and preparing what can be done the day before.

I have my Christmas music playing in the background while I test out the new music I've downloaded and all the time I'm looking out the window wondering whether the Christmas party get together will be on or off!

With the UK on severe snow alert and with a light dusting already having fallen I'm wondering whether tomorrow I will awake to find us under 20" of snow again, or not.

While the snow definitely gives a romantic Christmas look to the country the reality of snow means that people cannot travel or get out and about.

If the kids can't get over tomorrow then I won't see them until after Christmas.  Not quite the same!

Already the country is in bother with Christmas cards and gifts stuck in the post office sorting offices or on courier vans.

I know Christmas is not about presents but it is about families and whereas in days gone by families lived close by one another these days everyone is spread all over the country - and other countries - and a hell of a lot of people will be spending Christmas apart.

As I write this I can see the start of the snow falling; only very light at the moment; and I hope that above all those that are travelling in these hazardous conditions reach their destinations safely.

This year the weather has really been bad - in all countries - and it feels more like we are heading for a new Ice Age not global warming!

Oh well back on with the cooking - que sera - the weather I can't control. 

If I don't get back on before Christmas may I say a Happy Christmas to all who read my blog and Feliz Navidad to all my Spanish friends xx

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