Wednesday 1 April 2009

I guess it was scaremongering!

Well all went more or less well today with the City protests.

There were, according to the press, 4,000 protesters at the Bank of England, 6,000 at Trafalgar Square and 2,000 or so attending other marches. All told today 24 people were arrested; the Royal Bank of Scotland had its windows smashed and a few statues or walls had graffiti on them. But all in all it was a peaceful protest. In fact the protest in Bishopsgate where protesters were sitting inside tents in the road was reminiscent of the hippies of the 60's and they appeared to be enjoying themselves and chatting to onlookers and press.

On the numerous occasions that I ventured outside I could see hardly any sign of it and the live news feed showed mainly controlled protests with just a few outbursts.

It was certainly a strange day and quite surreal. A lot of the city workers had been told not to wear their office clothes and therefore there were all these workers dressed in jeans and t-shirts - quite a weird sight!

Tomorrow where I believe the focus is on the Excel Centre and the G20 meeting will be another one and I just hope all goes as well there. Protest but be peaceful - please...

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