Sunday 26 April 2009

Fifth Wheeler

Well Mick has fallen in love - with a fifth wheeler - here's a picture to give you an idea of what they are like.

To start at the beginning - and not jump in halfway through a story - I should start with our trip to France in our motorhome (I will do a proper blog entry on that journey). We enjoyed it so much that when we got home we had to have a proper look at some larger vehicles and so yesterday we went off to the motorhome show at Peterborough.

Well it was a great day and it was interesting to see so many different types of motorhomes on show - old and new - and now having had the experience of living in one for a week we knew what we really needed in our own.

Then we came across the fifth wheelers - well they are outstanding and no photos can actually do them justice, you have to see them for yourself. The photo on here is of the first one we came across but further on around the show we stumbled across our favourite. It was a used 5er (as they call them) but it was only a year old and had only been used for a week. The make of it is Ameri-lite 21FMS and we fell in love with it. Not only did it have a fully fitted kitchen area but it also had a proper bedroom; a toilet & shower/bathroom and plenty of space all packed into a neat 24' van. These vans have a slider which is a 2-3 foot area that slides out to produce a bigger room.

Well I can only dream I guess but already we are trying to work out if we can afford a used one if we sell our old motorhome & car. You have to pull these with a pickup type truck with an articulated connection so Mick's Kia would have to be sold and he would use the pickup for day to day use.

Well nothing can be done until after our holiday in Spain in June and in reality we will have to wait until about November time when the prices generally drop because it is off season for camping.

Meanwhile I'll carry on dreaming about the freedom of the road :-)

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