Monday 20 April 2009

The Christening

Well I didn't get chance to write any words about the Christening as we left straight afterwards on our adventure through France - more about that later.

It was a lovely day. The church service (although I'm not a church-goer) was nice and the female vicar reminded me of my aunt.

After the service it was back to the village pub where they had put a room aside specifically for the Christening guests and a buffet was laid out.

I managed to tolerate talking to my ex-husband but as usual he and his wife monopolised little Stefan - hey he's my grandchild too!!! But then I'm used to being the one in the background - I shouldn't get rattled by it after all these years although some times I just feel that if I just disappeared off the face of this world no-one would even notice I'd gone!

When my side of the family left we decided to call it a day too and get on our way to France as by that time my ex was getting decidedly louder - the more drink he had; the louder he got!

One good part was that when my daughter went home to get changed I went with her - just the two of us - and we actually managed to have a one on one chat, something we never seem to do these days. We have, I hope, the type of relationship where we can chat about just anything - more like friends - and as she will find with her daughter Katie, it is something that is special even if you don't always realise it.
Mums and daughters have a special bond even though as a mum you also know that you have to give your daughter the freedom to find her own way through life - it's a hard fact of life that you give birth to your children but you have to let them go - but not completely ;-)

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