Sunday 15 March 2009

Where has the weekend gone!!

Well it's now Sunday evening and the weekend has flown by. A bit like all of life at the moment - it just flies by in a never-ending pattern with no time to rest and recuperate.

So what have I been doing for these past 48 hours? Well Saturday I got up with the intention of popping into town first thing to buy some birthday cards etc but I was first confronted with a flat battery on my car! After lugging a spare battery from the shed I managed to get the car going and proceeded with my errands.

The afternoon was quite relaxing and fun as the sun was shining and I decided to re-organise the motorhome so that I would get an idea of what else was needed before we go off to France at Easter.

Saturday evening was movie and have a drink time.....

Sunday was devoted mostly to sorting out my mp3 files and putting my Spanish music onto disk for my friend who I am teaching Spanish to. She had been after some Spanish music to listen to in her car and to help her to get an ear for the language but she had been having trouble with her computer and so I volunteered to do it for her. I didn't realise it would take practically all day!!!

This evening so far I've watched Dancing on Ice; have looked at facebook; had a chat on the phone with my daughter and grandaughter and now it's nearly 9pm and it will soon be time to get ready for bed and a return to work early tomorrow morning.

So that's it - another weekend over. Oh and inbetween all the above I've coloured my hair; made my packing up for the week; cooked the dinner; fed the birds; fed the cats; gone into hysterical laughter while trying to take a passport photo of my husband; done the washing; changed the bed clothes; cleaned the bathroom and a hundred and one other little things....

Somewhere along the way I would like some time out to just sit in the sunshine, listen to the birds singing and contemplate about "love, life and the universe".....

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