Sunday 29 March 2009

Feng Shui Day

Well I took a look at my house today and decided to give it a bit of a Feng Shui makeover.

By no stretch of the imagination am I an expert in these matters but having read about it on and off over the years/done a course on it and generally just toyed around with it and watched the results I have to say that there is definitely something in it. So every so often I have a look around and see what has been misplaced or needs a bit of a smarten up.

First thing that I noticed was a section in my front garden where the winter and cats had created havoc! All it took was about 45 minutes and it was looking spic and span and my cat was really grateful for nicely turned over ground!

A bit more work done on the indoors and I think that's helped the energy flow :-)

Let's see what happens now....

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