Friday 6 March 2009

France v. Spain

As I come to the end of another book about living life in another country I realise again just how much me and my husband’s personalities can be described as France and Spain.

Generalising (please do not take offence France or Spain) but if we were countries I would be France – reserved but friendly, private and quiet, loyal to my family and friends, but happy on my own, a little bit anxious about doing the right thing, whereas my husband would be Spain – outgoing, confident, laid back, an open book to everyone, unconcerned totally on how he is perceived.

Which makes it rather interesting when considering where we eventually want to spend our retirement – or does it?

One thing we are both in agreement on is the way that England has gradually deteriorated in the past few years – or perhaps it is that we have grown older and look at life from a different angle?

Whatever the reason behind the change one thing is certain and that is when financially we are able then we wish to live in a country where family values and morals are still important. For Mick, of course, Spain is where he wants to be but I don’t know if financially this would be possible for us as Spain’s property values have increased so much that it might make it out of our price range. France on the other hand is closer to England and therefore closer to our family and in some rural parts it is still affordable.

However I have lived all my life being of a ‘French’ disposition and I feel I would fit in quite easily (once I had learned more of the language of course) but in some ways I have cursed being so reserved and admire the personalities of people like Mick or the Spanish people.

Mmm, I guess it will all boil down to what fate holds in store for us :-)

Meanwhile it is back to learning Spanish in the morning and French in the evening while commuting.

Oh and an added bonus with our new satellite dish is that we now have access to 5 Spanish TV channels and about the same amount in French! I therefore have no excuse for not learning the languages….

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