Saturday 28 March 2009

Scaremongering or not?

Don't know if that is a real word but that appears to be what is going on at the moment.

I try not to voice my opinions too much on my blog about political/world issues but as I work in London and there is a lot of press about the forthcoming G20 protests and marches I feel I need to comment.

Whilst understanding the basics of these protests and the freedom of speech aspect what I do find both worrying and concerning is the amount of press that is causing a fair amount of 'fear' amongst normal every day workers.

After all we are not the ones that are 'targeted' in these protests, yet according to the press, we are going to be the people caught up in the middle of all of this while we are trying to get to and from work.

With the worry of 'rent a mob' violence outbreaking it is the normal every day worker - who incidentally don't earn the type of money that these protesters are against - who are at risk. The 'targeted' people will no doubt be either far away and working from home or have plenty of protection around them.

I, for one, am unable to stay at home and work; I have to travel by public transport and have to be at the office for my contracted hours. I need to work to pay my bills.

So will I take the day off or call in sick? No definitely not. I agree with freedom and rights and it is my right to be able to work and my right not to be controlled by others.

So although I may have personal opinions that may agree to some degree with what these people are protesting about I will just say that they should also realise that some people do have to work to pay their bills and keep their jobs and it is their right to do so safely.

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