Thursday 29 January 2009

A Sentimental Moment

Well the operation was a success and I've spoken to Mick since he's come round from the anaesthetic.

If I may be allowed a few moments of sentimentality I would like to give comments on the love section of my 'love, life & the universe' heading.

When you've been with someone through thick and thin for nearly 27 years you create one hell of a bond. Without doubt my life is centred around my husband and as the years go by it only gets stronger. I realise how my father felt when he lost his wife after all those years. Your partner definitely becomes your 'other half' and I know that without Mick I would be totally lost.

The operation itself was only minor but with all anaesthetics there is a risk. No matter how much they told me that he was in excellent health, apart from the problem that he was being operated on, there was always in my mind that certain percentage of risk that could take away from me the one person who is not only my husband; my soul mate but my best friend.

In normal day to day living we moan and groan about one another and we see - and accept - all those foibles that make one another a human being but when it comes down to it I know that when the time comes that one or other of us leaves this life then life will never ever be the same.

But onto a more cheery subject tomorrow - perhaps booking our ferry from Barcelona...

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