Friday 16 January 2009


I hate hospitals - well I don't really, I would just rather not have to ever go near one!

Mick has to go to see a Consultant tonight to find out when he can have his minor op. Well I know it's only minor but it still worries me when he has to have them (this is the third one so far!!).

I was chatting to a young work colleague and saying how I hated hospitals when she asked why? The only logical reason I can give is the fact that as you get older and experience more and more life it seems that the numbers of people that go into hospital and don't come out gets higher each year...

I guess it's a bit like my mum - she's 82 and her husband is 92 - and whenever I chat to her it seems they are going to another funeral! It has to be a fact of life that the older you get the more you have to cope with illnesses and death.

Sorry don't mean to sound gloomy - just realistic :-)

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