Sunday 25 January 2009

It's been a while!!

Crikey it's been a few days since I posted.

Well to start with work has been absolutely hectic and I've been so tired by the end of the day and secondly I've been working on a present for my mum.

My mum is 82 in the next few days and my daughter and I have put together about 800 photos to go onto a digi frame for her to enjoy as she loves photos.

Well I've been scanning in old photos and then resizing them so that they fit the frame and then getting them sorted so that they are random and flip from one year to another (with lots of surprising old photos too). It has taken absolutely ages and the eyestrain and arm strain (from using the mouse) has made it almost impossible to do anything else on my laptop.

But I'm there now - it's all ready for the giving and I hope she likes it and gets great pleasure from looking at all the old pictures xxx

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