Thursday 1 January 2009

New Year Resolutions

Well I'm not one who normally makes new year's resolutions (I never keep them) but this year I have. So to remind myself throughout the year these are the two resolutions I make at the start of 2009.

1. Stop being so careful and start living life. This is because I'm a very careful person and like to think things through and look at all the outcomes of something before I go ahead and do it - unless of course my impulsiveness kicks in and then I just do it first and worry about it after :-)

2. No 'what ifs'. You know what I mean - the usual thing where you are thinking about doing something but up crops the "but what if..." I guess this one ties up with the first resolution but I really have to stop worrying and start living...

Of course there will be the normal resolutions that fall by the wayside such as 'get fit/lose weight' etc.

Oh well see how long these last ...

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