Monday 7 May 2012

Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap

Now as you all know the last of my cats unfortunately died last year. Why wasn't this around when my cats were young! This microchip cat flap is ideal for us cat lovers. I can always remember the sounds of my cat hissing and crying madly at unearthly times of the night and early morning as she tried to scare away neighbourhood cats that were trying to get in through our old cat flap and steal her food. Another concern I had was with the fox that regularly patrolled our gardens in search of food. I would wonder if he would find the cat flap and invade our house - and scare the life out of our rather timid cat. The microchip cat flap can be found here at Amazon So if the time comes when I have another cat then this is what I will get.

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