Wednesday 11 April 2012

Here in sunny France!

Well we have been here 6 days tomorrow and I can’t believe that the holiday is almost over.  Tomorrow is the last full day as we have to be up bright and early on Friday to start our journey back to England.

Here are a couple of photos.  The first is our fifth-wheeler on the site at Parc Verger and the second is the view from our bedroom window of just a little of the gorgeous countryside that surrounds us here in the Limousin.




We have had some sunshine but there have been a lot of showers this year and even a couple of claps of thunder.

I have kept busy though.  When the internet has been on (a bit hit and miss at times) I have been researching and working on my sites.  When the internet has been off or I wanted to just relax I have been getting out my paints.

One big problem though is our close proximity to the Spanish border.  How I wish we could just carry on down South and across the border into Spain, not helped by the fact that I have been painting a flamenco dancer!

We have once again met up with people who have just up and left the UK.  Selling their property in the UK they decided to wait no longer and have packed all their belongings into their RV and gone full time.

I am not as brave as that, I still wish for a solid foundation and my own garden.  But I don’t blame them and I admire their courage.

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