Thursday 17 May 2012

Who Wants To Live Forever

Life chucks a bit of reality at you at times just when you aren't expecting it.

Today a friend of mine who is only in her early 40's was told that her school friend had breast cancer very badly and also a friend of mine whose father is battling with lung cancer got told by the hospital that they were stopping his treatment as there was nothing more they could do.

So what do you do, go home and wait to die?

Life is so very short on this side that you have got to make the most of it, to enjoy each day, and take chances just so you can say you tried.

My friend said that after receiving the news from her father she walked back to her desk in a daze and as she looked around her life was going on as normal with everyone oblivious and getting on with their work unaware that for her at that moment her life had stood still.

I know the feeling well.

So we have to remember that life is for living and to enjoy the experiences it brings for tomorrow we may ... Live it to the full!

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