Friday 8 April 2011

Which phone now?

Well time is nearly here to get my upgrade.  But this time I'm really confused as there are so many new phones available.

So far I've tried the Samsung Omnia, iPhone 3G, Android HTC Desire and numerous others before that and no one phone seems to have everything that I need in the one place (or phone)!

So let us do a summary of what I've found so far...

The Omnia was the first touchscreen that I had tried and boy was it a pain.  Having to use a little stylus to click on the screen was frustrating and it was either that or your fingernail.  However it was a step up from the Nokia N95 and when going back to the Nokia I kept finding that I would tap the screen while forgetting that it didn't have a touchscreen.

The iphone has great apps but the signal strength is atrocious and I spent more time with "no signal" than I did with a signal!  Also you can't use a micro SD card to store all the music on.

The HTC Desire is the best so far but the apps aren't that good and the touchscreen keyboard isn't that good.

So what else is on offer:

iPhone 4
Nokia N8
 or the newcomers

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
Nokia E7
or a Windows phone...

Now the Windows phones would appear to be a no-no as they only have internal memory (up to 16Gb) and do not allow external SD cards.  Shame I rather fancied something different.

However both the Nokia and the Sony have excellent cameras - with Nokia coming out on top with that one.

I know a phone will never be a 'camera' but bearing in mind I always have my phone with me but not always my camera it would be nice to have one that took a fairly decent photo.

I thought I had found a pretty decent HTC newcomer (Focus) but then found out they were only releasing it in Canada!

It's a shame you can't go in a shop and give them all a bit of a try first as they are such expensive items to make a mistake on - even if you can sell the rejects on eBay :-)

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