Friday 8 April 2011

It's the weekend

Well almost!  It is Friday evening and I've finished the working week, so for me the weekend starts here.

The weather is brilliant and I'm hoping for a busy but fun weekend.  Tomorrow we are off to take the Indiana cake to Stefan for his birthday; then on Sunday we are off to deliver Easter eggs (early I know but we are away at Easter) and are going to see baby Sophie for the first time.

In-between all that I want to start sorting out the fifth wheeler.  I need to check what food we have in the cupboards, start loading up the freezer and make the bed so that it is fully aired.

Mick had his first treatment at the chiropractor today and it seems to have helped.  He informed Mick that at the moment he has one leg slightly longer than the other proving the point that his hip is out of alignment due to the problem with his spine.  He reckons that he can fix it within about four treatments - so we will see - but at least it has given Mick some hope.

I'm also going to get the pilates machine back out of the loft and show Mick how to exercise on it as it protects your back while building up the core muscles.

I think Mick has got desperate enough now to try anything :-)

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