Sunday 17 April 2011

New Hair Day?

Well this has been a busy weekend as the countdown to Easter begins.

To start with I decided to try a different hair colour than normal and it has come out darker than I expected (see profile picture) but I am gradually getting used to it and hey it's about time I had a change!

I've been loading up the trailer and organising all the documents etc that are needed for a week away and I think I've remembered everything.

I have to admit to really looking forward to some peace and quiet and time to catch up on some of those things that never seem to get done (finishing a course or two perhaps?)  I might even get time to read a book!

I did not realise how tired I have been getting until last night after only a couple of drinks at home my eyes just would not stay open any longer and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Mick has planned a new route to try to get down to the South West of France and after one night out we should arrive on site by about lunchtime on Good Friday.  There is wi-fi on site and with our trusty satellite dish we should be able to watch the Royal wedding.  I wonder if they will be celebrating it on the campsite.

I still have 3 more days at work which I know are going to be flat out in an effort to try and get as much completed before I take my holiday but I'm not superwoman and I can only do what will fit into those 3 days.

Wednesday night will be the last chance for having a bath and washing my hair before we arrive on site and then we are off bright and early Thursday morning.

If I don't get chance to post before I leave then I'll post once I'm on site.  Bye for now.

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