Sunday 6 September 2009


Ordered some more brushes tonight. If I can't sit outside I can at least sit inside and do my coursework.

I've been doing acrylic painting but have decided to have a go at watercolour too. There are just some things that need the delicate touch and I think I can get it with watercolour.

I'm no budding artist but I enjoy it and find it very relaxing. Had a little play around with my paints today and I was surprised. I always associated watercolour with childhood (you know the little paint sets you had as a child) but they are in fact quite different and I liked the feel of it.

Keep you updated.


Bigastroandbeyond said...

I paint in watercolour, pastel and oil paint. Each medium has its merits and particular skills that you need to acquire.

You are right, there is nothing childish about watercolour. There are very few opportunities to correct mistakes unless you resort to using white paint which then makes it gauche.

Maz said...

I'm very much a beginner but my uncle used to paint in acrylic and hence my interest in that medium. I purely do it for relaxation (when I have the time) but found that taking acrylics with me on holiday or when out in the van took up quite a bit of room and that's why I decided to take a look at watercolour. I also tried painting a flower in acrylics but couldn't get it to be as delicate as I wanted.

Wish I was more talented though!