Tuesday 1 September 2009

Spanish Withdrawal Symptoms

It’s two months now since we returned from our annual holiday in Spain. Once again I’m getting the withdrawal symptoms! For 24 years we've been getting them :-)

It was a bit better when we first returned this year because one of our friends had Skype set up on her laptop and we were able to chat and see our friends but unfortunately problems with the laptop have meant that even that is not possible now (no picture and sound cracking up).

So we’ve now got to settle back into living in England for another 10 months…

I have to say that it’s not the ‘holiday’ that I miss, after all I start to get bored and fidgety after a fortnight, but I certainly miss our friends and the Spanish lifestyle.

I know England has a lot to be grateful for, but it’s not the lifestyle that we feel comfortable with nor do people have the attitudes that we admire and appreciate in our Spanish friends.

So I’ll continue to learn Spanish each day; watch TVE International each evening and try and keep myself occupied for another winter.

Hasta luego….

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