Tuesday 1 September 2009

40 Years Working!

Well this year I can say that I’ve been working for 40 years. In fact all those years ago I left school in the June and started working straight away so I’ve been working just over 40 years.

At that time my teachers wanted me to stay on for a sixth year (something that was not done that much in those days) and then to go on to become a teacher.

Now you’re talking about the late 60’s – a time when the last thing I would have imagined was that I would be working for the next 40 years! No, my little dream world consisted of getting an office job, working for a while, getting married and having children – and living happily ever after :-)

Funny how life turns out…

Sure enough I got married (at 18) and had two children but that marriage didn’t last and I needed to get straight back to work and have been ever since.

So the point of this reminiscing – well, what I’m wondering is – does everyone reach a point where they feel that they’ve had enough?

I listen to the 20-30 year olds at work and they are enthusiastic and motivated. Well my enthusiasm and motivation seems to have got up and gone!

To me work is just that, a necessity to pay the bills. There are far more important things in life.

So do we all reach this stage… and if so, how do I cope with another 8 years of work???

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