Friday 1 May 2009


I love Extremadura and I'm researching the history etc as much as possible. I have been trying to find a blog by someone in the area so that I could read what's going on but so far no luck.

Why Extremadura you may ask. Well for a start our friends come from Cordoba (not a million miles away) and I love the countryside and tranquility. Unspoilt; natural surroundings amidst the Spanish people - that's my idea of bliss. I crave an area not full of ex-pats (no insult intended) as I want to immerse myself in the Spanish language and way of life.

We used to watch a programme a few years ago - I think it was called 'Flight over Spain' and that epitomises what I love. It started with an eagle flying over Spain and you got a birds eye view of the country. I wonder whatever happened to that programme?

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