Friday 15 May 2009

Grab life with both hands

Yesterday I saw a friend who lives in rural France and they surprised the life out of me.

A few years ago they left London – for health reasons – and started living and working in rural France. Undoubtedly the life suited him and his wife for all his health problems disappeared with the relaxed atmosphere and better climate in the south of France.

I only got to see them at Christmas time but they loved France; the people and had created a marvellous life for themselves.

To my surprise he announced yesterday that within the next year they were selling up and moving to Florida. Work contacts and proposed business had created an opportunity and he was now needed in the States!

Oh how I admire people like them – they grab life with both hands – and it really got me pondering on life and what you do with it.

There is a part of me that wishes I was more like that but then I guess we are all made differently, or are we – maybe some people are just programmed to grab life while others think too much about it?

In my ramblings you will have noticed my desire to live in Spain – but also my hesitancy – as I think about those that I will leave behind. Sometimes I just think TOO much….

Sometimes I suppose we should leave behind the doubts; forget the ‘what-ifs and buts’ and just ‘go for it’.

Is it bravery, foolishness, courage or irresponsibility? I really don’t know. I’d like to believe that it is a wish to take any opportunity and see where it leads – nothing ventured, nothing gained – for at least at the end of the day you will be able to sit back and say “at least I tried”.


Bigastroandbeyond said...

When we first moved to Bigastro some thought we were brave, others plain foolish. My father in law couldn't understand why anyone would want to leave England.

Pam and I left a lot behind but have made up for it with what we have gained.Looking back, it was the right decision for us.

Maz said...

Thanks, I really believe it will be the right decision for us and we have more Spanish friends than we do British!

However I still have another 8 years to work and who knows what may happen during now and then but "Ojala" we will be fit and well enough to make the move at that time.