Sunday 8 February 2009

What a week - they will not break me!

Well it's been one hell of a week. What with the snow bringing us all to a stand still at the start of the week and then the ongoing chaos that follows I am really glad that it's the weekend.

Work has been absolutely frantic this past week with even more new 'technical' jobs being handed to me and my colleague, which we have to learn instantly. "We'll keep piling the work on until you reach breaking point" I was informed by our MD on Tuesday!!! Quite what will happen when we reach 'breaking point' I am not too sure but I don't intend to break! It doesn't make a very good working environment though...

It seems to me that the "credit crunch" is definitely being used to the advantage of employers at the moment. With the 'fear' of unemployment being used as a way to make employees do almost anything that their employer wants without giving anything in return. You just have to consider yourself lucky if you have a job - they say...

What goes around; comes around?

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Francine said...

Hi Marion,
What goes around comes around indeed. I'm quite familiar with this type of work situation. Have been living it for years. Good news is, these dickhead Managers tend to move around a lot, so chances are a new Manager will soon come along - hopefully one of the human being persuasion. And chances are the dickhead will be fired. A lot of that going around these days, or hasn't he heard?