Sunday 8 February 2009

It's in the Genes

I came across this old photo which shows me as a young child - around about 5 years of age I believe. What stunned me was that when I first saw it I thought the little 'me' looked just like my granddaughter Katie!

It was not just that we looked alike but it was the way we were sitting; the way we were laughing. I have several photos of Katie (who is nearly 4) in much the same pose.

Then I studied the photo a little more closely and I could see that a lot of it has to do with youth and innocence. The laughter is so natural with no forced smiles. Just a whole-hearted laugh. It is a time of our life before life's experiences robs us of our innocence; a time of unparalleled trust and naivety. Something that money can never buy and can never be re-gained once it is lost.

Nevertheless genetics also holds a key and it goes to show that my genes will continue on throughout this world once I am no longer part of it. Quite comforting really.

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