Friday 20 February 2009

Apple Cider Vinegar

Well it's been a hell of a week and I know I've been stressed because it has set off the arthritis that I have in my neck! It's been about 5 years since the last flare up and I had forgotten how bad it was....

Strangely enough it's stress that tends to set it off more than the position I'm working in - and I've had enough of that at work in the past week. Also it's the 'come down after the stress' that's the worst. If you don't know what I am talking about it is basically as you start to relax when the stressful situation eases a little that then causes the flare up of the inflammation. Don't ask me why, I just know it happens like that with me.

So I have had to remember how I coped with it before and I remembered 'apple cider vinegar'. Now there are some that will scoff at that and say it's old wives tales etc etc. but for me it works. I know that I need it because I can feel the crystallisation in my neck and turning my head back and forth and from side to side creates 'cracking' noises and I can feel the crunching. Well a couple of spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar in water with a spoon of honey (to make it taste better) seems to dissolve the crystals - well it did last time and I'm hoping it will now!

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