Wednesday 28 October 2015

Conveyancing UK style

Buying a new home is always very stressful.  Buying a new home after living abroad is even more so!

After being aided by who appeared to be a well established, long running estate agent (and I should know as I used to work for one years ago) I suppose I did what we always used to say not to do - that was to use a conveyancer/solicitor attached to the estate agents and/or vendor.

Years ago it just used to be that you never used the same solicitor as your purchaser/vendor.  Mainly in case there was a conflict of interests.  But now with the modern method of having teams of conveyancers associated with the estate agents and most of the work done online it seemed logical to use one of theirs as they must be working for the estate agent and should therefore get everything completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To begin with everything rushed through with an efficiency and attentiveness that surprised and pleased me.

But now nearly two months since the offer was accepted the silence is deafening!

So after a chance meeting with someone and mentioning who we were using as conveyancers I was told how awful they were and not to touch them!  Too late now I'm afraid but what could be the problem.

Searching the internet for reviews on the said company all I found were bad reviews.  Not so much about the people but how slow and unprofessional they were (one person waited 6 months to exchange).

But what I find frustrating is the lack of communication - from the estate agents and the conveyancers.

I have no idea whether the vendor has found a property to purchase or whether there is a chain involved.  I have no idea whether a survey has been done by my mortgage providers and I have no idea who my point of contact is!

Technology might be brilliant but good old fashioned communication and keeping your client informed at all stages beats it hands down.

Too late for me to do anything now - but just wait!

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