Wednesday 27 February 2013

Stolen Pets in the UK

Once again I have seen a photo on Facebook of yet another stolen pet.  With horses and dogs disappearing each day – literally grabbed from under the noses of the owners - I really despair at what the UK has turned into and I, for one, am glad to have left the country.

For those losing a loved pet I know how they must be feeling as a pet is part of the family just like a human being.  To lose a pet through death is bad enough but to not know where it has gone because it has been stolen must be even worse.

When people disappear, for whatever reason, it is the families that are left behind wondering and imagining all types of scenarios.  It is the same when it is applied to a pet.

I think that it is a despicable act – worse even than stealing possessions – because these are loved, living, beings and if you have ever seen an animal pine for its owner then you know that animals ‘feel’ too.

Those stealing these pets must be unfeeling, insensitive, greedy people and I can only hope that they, one day, will feel the pain that these owners must be going through.

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