Saturday 16 February 2013

Passing of Time

Those of you who follow my blog will remember two years ago how Stanley fell and had to have his hip replacement operation.

That was a long and slow road back to not quite the health he had previously enjoyed but nonetheless he had fought back.

Now two years later at the age of 97 he finds himself back in hospital.  After his legs gave way under him he was taken in to be checked out.

This happened almost to the day.  I remember the date so well because it is my Mum’s birthday and their wedding anniversary around that day.  Once again my Mum found herself visiting him in hospital on her birthday.

Now almost three weeks later he is still in hospital.  A urine infection and then a chest infection has meant that what should have been a quick check up and release is now a lengthy stay.  Couple to that his body’s own defence mechanism has kicked in causing delirium while it tries to repair itself.

It is a worrying time and my Mum has to face visiting someone who half the time does not realise she is there or who in fact she is.

Quite how the brain and body works is certainly both unknown and marvellous.  We think we are in control when we are at the mercy of our own ‘machine’ – the body.

Take each day as it comes is the answer from nursing staff.  It could be a day, a week, a month or even the next hour.  It is not the medication, for that is being reduced as his infection is subsiding, but it is a natural response from the body’s own mechanism.

For my Mum she has to watch and wait; for Stanley he will probably remember nothing.  For his body – well only that knows what it is doing.

I wish you a speedy recovery Stanley.  May you yet make your 100th birthday.

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