Friday 10 August 2012

Kindle et al

I have to admit that over the years my eyesight has definitely changed!

I used to spend hours reading books with no problems.  In fact I love books and always dreamed of one day having my own 'library' if I ever had a spare room in my house!

There is nothing quite like holding a real book in your hand or seeing them stacked in rows on shelves.  But things have changed.

When the Kindle first came out I swore never to have one.  "It's not the same as a real book" - I'd say.  But times have changed.

With the aquisition of my iPad I found at times it was quicker to download a book when I needed to read up on something straight away without having to wait until I could get to the shops to buy a book.  Added to that was the fact that I could zoom up the print to whatever size I wanted and somehow it was easier to 'read' with the light behind the words instead of moving a book to the right angle and distance to see properly.  Also when travelling to have multiple books right with me at the tap of an app meant that I didn't load my suitcase up with loads of heavy books.

Don't get me wrong I still adore books and if I come across one that is definitely a 'keeper' then I still purchase the real thing - even if I have read the Kindle version - and it joins my multitude of other books sitting there awaiting my library!

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