Friday 10 August 2012

Facebook as a Platform for Propaganda & Unrest

I have noticed more and more lately how Facebook is being used as a platform for propaganda and an aid to causing unrest and ill-feeling between people.

Facebook in the beginning was created as a communication between students, a way to chat to one another, a social network. Perhaps it has now got too powerful a tool, a way of getting your personal viewpoint to as many people as possible – whatever your viewpoint may be. This is sad because the normal person will begin to move away from Facebook and find some other medium in which to while away a bit of time, to relax, play games and have fun and not to be inundated with extremist viewpoints on what may, or may not, have happened in the past.

No country in the past is pure from atrocities and evil; no country is better or worse when looking back in history. All at some time have done things that are best forgotten and left to the history books. Just look at the great countries that have risen and fallen!

Surely we must learn from history to make certain that there are no reoccurrences and that the only way forward in this world that is so tightly bound together is to learn to live alongside one another in peace and harmony.

Just my viewpoint and whether you agree or disagree then that is your perogative.

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