Saturday 4 February 2012

Snow Everywhere?

Well the weather over the past week has been dreadful everywhere!

As we watch TVE every night we have been seeing snow on the beaches in Spain.  With temperatures in the rest of Europe plummeting down to –22 or lower the thought of global warming seems far from our minds.  More like a new ice age!

However those of us that are “over 21” can remember the cyclical nature of the weather on this planet we call home.

As a child I remember well the walks to and from school wrapped in coats, scarf, hats and wellies (that only just prevented the snow from tumbling over the top and soaking my feet).  Snowball fights and snowmen were an every winter occurrence and photographs showing snow in May are stored in old black and white photo albums.

In those days thoughts of turning up the central heating were not a reality but putting more coal on the fire and huddling in the one warm room was our life.  A trip to the kitchen or WC was an ordeal that you put off until the last minute!  Bedtime was warm pyjamas, flannelette sheets and hot water bottles.

But moving on in time I can recall only about 10 or 15 years ago when villages close to where I live were cut off completely when the snowfall reached drifts of 6 feet or more.

We have definitely had it easy (although last year brought the first chaos of the returning snowfalls) and we have all become a little softer as central heating has kept us warm and cosy.

No-one went out “panic buying” all the milk, bread and other food for our parents could not afford the luxury of doing such a thing.  We just got on with it and made do with what we had.

So as England once again approaches the chaos that snowfall causes on our roads we can at least rest assured that within time the cycle will continue and the milder winters will be around again.

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