Saturday 5 November 2011

Update on Virgin Media Technical Problems

To be fair and to give a total review on my recent dealings with Virgin Media I will continue with my progress with them today.

After going through the labyrinth of automated telephone answering services I eventually got to the section that I was trying to connect to "are you thinking of leaving us".

A very nice man by the name of Tom was the unfortunate recipient of my phone call but I treated him with respect and giving him no blame whatsoever I told him about the saga of dealing with the call centre technicians.

He asked whether I had dealt with technicians in this country to which I answered in the negative and he explained that his department was in Sheffield but he had technicians in Liverpool that he could put me  through to.  AT LAST!

To cut this story short I was put through to Liverpool where another nice man, Peter, dealt with the problem.  I explained what had been happening and how I had been told that there was an "issue" with my blueyonder account to which he took remote control of my computer and within 10 minutes had sorted everything out.  There was no issue with my account apart from the fact that somehow my blueyonder account had disappeared from my log in details on Virgin Media Webmail site.

He could see my blueyonder account at his end but it appeared that a lot of the "fiddling around" that the out of this country technician had done had broken the link with my forwarding account.

Anyway my husband is now happy as he can retrieve his emails again from his Gmail account and we don't have to go on the Virgin Media site again (well until the next time there is a problem).

Now if this had been done over a week ago I could have saved myself a lot of time and stress.

I would add that I deal with a lot of out of this country call centre technicians in my line of work and although they may be a cheaper alternative for companies they are not always helpful and certainly do not give off a very good impression.

Also one comment to Virgin Media, if you are reading this, is please, please, please, do something about your site.  It is the most difficult and annoying site to negotiate your way around and I am computer literate!

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