Tuesday 1 November 2011

Apple I-tunes Update 10.4 Causing Problems

Well I had been avoiding doing the update as my I-tunes was working fine but I thought that surely Apple know what they are doing.

After connecting I got the normal syncing notification, and it waited to sync, waited to sync, waited to sync.

Damn it my I-tunes was now broken!

Now I remember coming across a similar problem way back when updating an earlier version where I had to uninstall another program that uploaded with the update but I couldn't remember what it was called.

Searching around on the web I eventually found it mentioned in a forum and as soon as I read it I remembered.  BONJOUR.  Now that surely should have been a name not to forget.

So quickly nipping into the control panel I checked to see if Bonjour had been installed again and yes there it was!  A quick uninstall later I opened up I-tunes again and hey it's working perfectly.

All I want to know is what is Bonjour; why does it install when I don't ask it to and why the hell haven't Apple stopped it from being installed if all it does is create problems!

Well I had been considering getting an Ipad 2 but now I'm beginning to have some doubts.  Maybe it would be better if I researched other tablets before I make up my mind as I don't want to spend that amount of money if I end up with something not much better than a big version of the ipod 4.

More investigating to be done me thinks.

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