Wednesday 24 October 2012

Tragic Loss

I wasn't going to put anything online yet because it is still too soon. But seeing the vast number of beautiful messages on Gregg's Facebook wall has shown me how loved he was.

Only age 29 he leaves his young wife, son and imminently due second son.

Receiving the call on Monday night was just unbelievable. How can someone so young just die with no real cause of death. Everyone still remains shocked and dazed.

But to see all the messages I can only say that contrary to what some people think of Facebook it has given a platform for an epitaph that honours the short life of a very special person.

Why he had to die so young is not for me to know but I can only presume that he was so special that he didn't have much to learn.

All his family and friends will miss him so much.

Goodbye for now Gregg, give my love to your Grandad and Dora, until we meet again.  Love from your auntie Marion & Mick  xxx

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