Friday 8 June 2012

Amazon & City Link - Tweets

If you search on Twitter for @Amazon or @Citylink you will find a multitude of people complaining about the service they have (or should I say have not) received from the above companies.

I cannot believe that a company as large as Amazon is not taking notice of the complaints they have received regarding the shoddy service supplied by their premier service courier "City Link".

It would appear that Prime Membership to Amazon means deliver as cheap as possible (a.k.a. City Link).

Take a look at the Tweets if you don't believe me.  Perhaps it is about time that Amazon monitored what was being said on the social networks!

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Bigastroandbeyond said...

Your comments about CIty Link are interesting. I've never had a parcel delivered by them so can't say whether they are good or bad.

Parcels from Amazon to Spain are sent via MRW and they tend to be reliable. I've also had parcels from DHL, Suer, Chrono Express and others. Most seem to find our house with ease now that the estate is on GPS systems although one did get lost recently and had to phone me up for directions.

I hate waiting in for couriers though and very much appreciate it when they use reliable tracking. At least then you know the date if not the time when the parcels will arrive.